Hello, I am David Elsche, based in Berlin.

As an interaction designer, my work is focused on infographics and data visualization. In this context, I am interested in analyzing seemingly abstract data, recognizing patterns, making them comprehensible by interactive means and conveying them via analogue, as well as digital channels.

Currently I am conceptualizing an independent platform for micro communities. I am developing ideas, conceiving drafts and formulating strategies for digital community support, based on observations of contemporary social phenomena.

For inquiries regarding my services or a possible cooperation, please don’t hesitate to contact me at contact@davidelsche.com


Money Vis

The interactive 3D application visualizes the annual monetary amounts by official state departments – comparing the US Agency for International Development with the Department of defense.

What the File

The datavisualization focuses on relevant and existing file extensions and their utilisation within specific software by the design process.

On the Road

The infographic compares a geographical map of all German Autobahnen (freeways) with a simplified topological projection.

Men Machine

What is artificial intelligence? The infographic explores this question focusing on the functionality of an arm prosthetic and proceeds to illustrate its various stages of movement.

World of stadiums

Visualization of all of the world’s stadiums with regard to function, capacity and time of origin.

Where Shall I go

This work is concerned with deportations of people in Germany in 2015, which are displayed with the help of interactive data visualizations and infographics.

34QM Designlabor

Theoretical and practical conception of Designlabor 34QM at the Holzmarkt site. It works out ways to reduce waste production. The Holzmarkt site is an open urban space for projects in connection with nature, business and culture.


Digi-Si-Lex is an illustrated encyclopedia for children and adolescents, which aims to interactively point out the current dangers of data abuse in the digital world and sensitize young people to those dangers.

Welt in Zahlen

The work aims to uncover the seemingly unconnected worlds of numbers and letters.

Dict.cc Redesign

The redesign is intended to provide a responsive remake to the outdated online dictionary by implementing deduplication and typographical improvement, without abandoning proven features.

Alea iacta est

The data visualization depicts an experiment, in the course of which the results of the Fußball Bundesliga in 2014 were manually evaluated, in order to develop a deeper understanding for numbers and patterns.


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